About Us

About Us

GRIDCO Ltd. (formerly known as Grid Corporation of Odisha Ltd.), the State designated entity for Bulk Power Procurement of DISCOMs, is assigned with the task of compliance of Renewable Power Purchase Obligation (RPO) for the Discoms and other Obligated Entities. GRIDCO plans its future Power Procurements in advance to meet the Demand of DISCOMs, taking care of Energy Mix necessary for compliance of RPO, gestation period for respective types of sources and impact on Retail Tariff. As on July, 2023, GRIDCO has contracted 5,828 MW of RE capacity including large Hydro to meet its present and future RPO, out of the Contracted Capacity 3,830 MW has already been installed. GRIDCO has been nominated as the State Nodal Agency for implementation of Odisha Renewable Energy Policy, 2022, with prime focus on development of Renewable Projects in the State and a vision of setting up 10,000MW capacity of RE Projects in the State. Odisha Renewable Energy Policy, 2022 has provided for Uniform RPO for all the Obligated Entities including Industries availing Power through Open Access and from their CGPs. GRIDCO shall act as the aggregator for procurement of such RE Power for the Industries.

  • To harness the renewable energy (RE) potential of Odisha and accelerate investment in the RE sector for ensuring energy security, promoting socio - economic growth and protecting the environment
  • To accelerate adoption of clean energy alternatives and decarbonize the energy sector which includes both grid-based electricity consumption and captive consumption of industrial consumers in the State.
  • To harness the clean energy potential of the State and make best use of the available resources by facilitating development of green energy projects in the State.
  • To attract investment in the clean energy sector, create job opportunities and develop the State economy.
  • To facilitate R&D and promote new initiatives & emerging RE technologies in the State.

Key Features

Competitive Bidding For Identified Resources

  • Bidding for Solar Park
  • Bidding for Floating Solar Projects
  • Bidding for PSPs
  • Bidding for SHEPs

Facilitation Of Power Evacuation

  • Applications Received.
  • Evacuation facilitated.
  • Taken up with OPTCL.
  • Taken up with Discoms.

Facilitating RE Adoption

  • Rooftop Solar.
  • Supply of RE to Industries.
  • EV adoption.
  • Waste to Energy.

Facilitation Of Land Allotment

  • Applications Received.
  • Land allotted.
  • Issues taken up with IDCOL

Single Window Committee Approval & Statutory Clearances

  • Constitution of SWC.
  • Highlights of Previous SWCs.

Concessions And Incentives

  • Applications received.
  • Concessions and Incentives facilitated.

Regulations/Guidelines Enabling Policy

  • Enabling Guidelines for PSPs.
  • Enabling Net-Metering in State.

Monitoring RPO Compliance.

  • RPO Compliance of DISCOMs.
  • RPO Compliance of Industries.

Resource potential assessment & Pre-Development of Sites

  • Potential Assessment for Wind Power generation
  • Potential Assessment for Hydro Power generation.
  • Potential Assessment for Solar Power generation
  • Potential Assessment for PSPs

Renewable Energy Research Institute.

  • R&D Platform for Stake Holders.
  • Collaborations for Knowledge Exchange
  • Resource Assessment
  • Research on Technology Adoption.
  • Energy Transition of IndustriesF

Maintenance Of Odisha RE Fund.

  • RE Research Institute.
  • VGF for On-grid RE projects involving innovative/new technologies.
  • Potential Assessment.
  • Attractive RE policy 2022
  • A good governance and agile leadership
  • Promoting PPP(Public Private partnership) model
  • Well-equipped seaports & Well developed rail & road infrastructure
  • Availability of natural RE potential like lands and water bodies
  • A single window facility for approval of all RE projects
  • Facilitation of approvals/allotment of all RE projects in a time-bound manner
  • Approval of Captive RE projects in a fast track manner
  • Seamless transfer of all central government & State government benefits
  • Provision of Dedicated Green Energy corridor for power evacuation which is under study & design
  • Unique natural terrane has excellent potential for all types of Pumped Storage Plants
  • Committed to meet RPO

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